My new single, "Floating" is now available on SpotifyApple MusicBandcamp and wherever else you listen to music.  I made it last winter with Filip Nikolic (Turbotito/Poolside).  Lyrically, the song contemplates an escape to the cosmos, where we can transcend our arguments and differences to find a common humanity.

"Floating" is a great track for the summer, a neo-disco piece of Paradise soul that will surely make an appearance on many a dance floor and many a backyard BBQ this summer.  Lyrically, the song reflects on the discord and cultural clashes of the modern world, imagining an escape into the cosmos: “10,000 light years away, maybe we find us a place/Where all the bullshit around can disappear without trace/Without the weight of the world we’ll find a loving embrace/Live a beautiful life floating in outer space.”

Listen and let me know what you think!  It's my first new release in over a year.  More to come soon.