WEEKLY WRAP UP: August 14-20 / by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week I released a new record, "Floating (Remixes)" which features remixes from James Curd, NEWBODY and Borussia. You can listen to it on the music service of your choice at http://fanlink.to/floatingremixes

I also wrote this about it:

"'Floating' is a song I wrote about trying to transcend the artificial separations between people, seeded by discrimination and hatred. Recent events in Charlottesville have only brought these problems into sharper focus. I don't pretend for a second that it's as simple as just saying "let's all love each other and care about making each other's lives better." But it would be a place to begin, and developing that kind of respect for each other's lives and needs across boundaries of culture, race, sexuality or gender identity is crucial.
Oppose hatred, oppose violence, learn to listen, learn to love. Shout out to all the people out there speaking up for what's right in the world."

I would add this: We live in a world where there are many reasons to be hopeful, and many reasons to be discouraged, and folks tend to see more of one or the other depending on their personal demeanor and situation. However you choose to be is your choice, but try to at least keep in mind that both exist, and that's just life.

In other news, I also started mixing a new track that I did earlier this year with the help of Mr. Sammy Bananas, hopefully it will be coming to your earholes soon...

Keep your heads up and don't let em grind you down!