NEW MUSIC: "Floating" Available for Pre-Order on Bandcamp / by Matt Safer


I have new music coming!  A brand new single "Floating" is out this Friday, July 28th.  The song was recorded with Filip Nikolic (aka Turbotito), who is the singer and producer for the band Poolside.  You can now pre-order it on Bandcamp.

"Floating" is a great track for the summer, a neo-disco piece of Paradise soul that will surely make an appearance on many a dancefloor and many a backyard BBQ this summer.  Lyrically, the song reflects on the discord and cultural clashes of the modern world, imagining an escape into the cosmos: “10,000 light years away, maybe we find us a place/Where all the bullshit around can disappear without trace/Without the weight of the world we’ll find a loving embrace/Live a beautiful life floating in outer space.”

Order it today to make sure you don't miss out.