Weekly Update: May 29-June 4 / by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katisaouni

Photo by Christos Katisaouni

This week I had a session with Spree Wilson and finished up recording for an upcoming collaboration with PBR Streetgang. I shot another Patreon exclusive video with Jace and picked up 4 new patrons... To find out what it's all about visit patreon.com/mattiesafer.

I also put my next release on my label in to the distributor, and it will be coming out later this month... (Details to follow soon...)

The end of the week saw an impromptu jam session with Prince Terrence and Spree Wilson on Thursday, followed by a last minute show on Friday evening at Lazy Susan Gallery curated by Osvaldo Jimenez.

A baller week of music! Thanks to all involved! Looking forward to another week of greatness!

P.S. Almost forgot, we got a piano in the crib, so I got thanks to give...