Weekly Wrap Up: June 5-11 / by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christelle de Castro

Photo by Christelle de Castro

This past week I had another session with Spree Wilson and started work on another one with Blende. I also shared a live video shot by Sofar Sounds of me performing "All We Are" live in Los Angeles last fall, you can watch it at http://found.ee/awasofar

This week coming I'll be giving an early share of my upcoming remix release to my Patreon family, if you'd like to get early access to my music and videos become a supporter: patreon.com/mattiesafer

I also got out into the city and heard some great music from DenitiaTangina StonePrincess NokiaThe Drums and two members of my band, Andre Chez Lewis and Kenji Tokunaga. New York in the summertime is such a great place for music and I'm happy to be here to be able to take advantage.

Keep an eye out, I just might drop the official video for "All We Are" this week. 🤗