Weekly Wrap Up: May 22-28 / by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni


This week was the anniversary of releasing "All We Are" and to mark the occasion I posted a new live video of "Sea Change" (http://found.ee/seachange), I wrote an article for Medium (http://found.ee/MSMedium) and I reposted a free download bonus version of the EP on NoiseTrade (http://found.ee/AWAnt).

I also had great sessions with Spree Wilson and Roarke, and continued working on this new joint for PBR Streetgang which is straight 🔥

Lastly, I got another new supporter on my Patreon page, Sterling Trey Roig. You can pledge to support the music for less than $1 a month. It helps me keep making new music and it's good for the soul.http://patreon.com/mattiesafer

Thank you for another week of musical creation. Looking forward to another week of musical adventure.