I'm Making It Free / by Matt Safer

To help set myself up for spiritual freedom in 2017 I'm making "All We Are" available for free.  Now you can get the entire EP, plus some exclusive demo/alt versions just by clicking the button and entering your email below:

You can still stream (or purchase) the record on the platform of your choice but Noisetrade is the only place where you can get these demos/alt versions.  If you like it would you please share it, tweet about it or email it to a friend?  And if you love the work you can leave a tip and help support future musical endeavors.

As creators, all we want is for people to experience the work we make, make an impression and get that energy back in return.  I don't know if giving it away is what the money men would say to do, but it sure feels good spiritually.  For all the connectivity that this online world allows us it's very easy to feel isolated from each other.  This is an attempt to bridge that gap so please, if the work makes an impression on you one way or another reach out to me and let me know.

There's a lot more music and art coming in the ensuing months.  I want to feel so free in 2017 and maybe the best way to do so is to give away my 2016.  Peace be upon you all, may our mentalities be lifted and our hearts be opened in the year to come...