Back On Bass Playing w/ Tangina Stone / by Matt Safer


All this past month I’ve been hard at it, working on new music and packing up, getting ready to relocate to New York for a few months.  It’s been a lot of early mornings and late nights and I’m pretty wiped out.  Yesterday I locked up the LA crib and flew out and I'm ready to just chill for a minute... But there’s one more thing to do.  This Friday December 23 I’ll be playing bass for one of my favorite artists, Tangina Stone.  Here’s her latest single:



I met Tangina back in 2014 at a show she played in front of my friends Kara & OJ's store La Petite Mort in Chinatown in (which just closed this week, though I believe they will still be doing online sales).  Her whole thing was so cool, she's got a great voice and real songs.  I invited her to play a set at The Jump (my monthly residency at The Flat) and we've always kept up since then.  So to be playing bass for her this week is a real happy full circle tying things together way to come back to NY for a bit and tie together a lot of threads in my life.

Some of y’all didn’t even know I played bass!  But yes I do, and I’m very excited because I think her music is dope.  So if you want to see me get busy on 4 strings come to Bowery Electric this Friday at 8 pm.  I haven’t done a bass gig in NY for almost a decade, so this is indeed #veryrare.  I promise it’ll be a good time.