WEEKLY WRAP UP: September 24-30 by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This past week saw me performing at Shrine World Music Venue on Monday, mixing a new record I made with Sammy Bananas and Abe Seiferth on Wednesday, and doing my best to keep writing good things for my new record all the other days around it.

In the meantime, I hear that "Floating" has been getting some love on FBi Radio down under? If so... Big up FBi Radio! Please continue to share it out and spread the word among your friends... http://bit.ly/floatingmattie

Here's a picture of me and my band, Andre Chez Lewis, Charles Norris III, and Kenji Tokunaga. Been playing with these guys for 5 years now, and it just gets better and better.  To see more photos from the show visit my Instagram, and to see even more, make a pledge on Patreon page.

A QUICK UPDATE: I'm Back In Brooklyn by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

The last few weeks I've been away in Los Angeles, packing up my stuff, preparing to move back to NYC full time. Don't get me wrong, I love Los Angeles, but for reasons both personal and professional, a move back to Brooklyn was in order.I had a great time, I did a couple of sessions with Kalkutta and NEWBODY that I'm very excited about, but mostly it was me packing boxes and selling furniture. I'm coming back physically worked over, but mentally jazzed and ready to create, bursting with ideas. Get ready.

WEEKLY WRAP UP: August 14-20 by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week I released a new record, "Floating (Remixes)" which features remixes from James Curd, NEWBODY and Borussia. You can listen to it on the music service of your choice at http://fanlink.to/floatingremixes

I also wrote this about it:

"'Floating' is a song I wrote about trying to transcend the artificial separations between people, seeded by discrimination and hatred. Recent events in Charlottesville have only brought these problems into sharper focus. I don't pretend for a second that it's as simple as just saying "let's all love each other and care about making each other's lives better." But it would be a place to begin, and developing that kind of respect for each other's lives and needs across boundaries of culture, race, sexuality or gender identity is crucial.
Oppose hatred, oppose violence, learn to listen, learn to love. Shout out to all the people out there speaking up for what's right in the world."

I would add this: We live in a world where there are many reasons to be hopeful, and many reasons to be discouraged, and folks tend to see more of one or the other depending on their personal demeanor and situation. However you choose to be is your choice, but try to at least keep in mind that both exist, and that's just life.

In other news, I also started mixing a new track that I did earlier this year with the help of Mr. Sammy Bananas, hopefully it will be coming to your earholes soon...

Keep your heads up and don't let em grind you down!

NEW MUSIC: "Floating (Remixes)" Out Now On All Digital Services by Matt Safer


Happy news today, my new record Floating (Remixes) is out today.  It features remixes of my latest single "Floating" by James Curd, NEWBODY and Borussia.  They're all pretty great.  Above is the James Curd mix, here's the NEWBODY mix:


Here's the Borussia Remix:


Thanks to all of the remixers for lending their talents to the release.  You can stream or purchase it on the service of your choice by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks for listening.

PREMIERE: "Floating (James Curd Remix)" Premieres on Discobelle by Matt Safer

 Cover design by Wei Jerry Chen

Cover design by Wei Jerry Chen

The good folks at Discobelle have been kind enough to premiere another track, the James Curd remix of "Floating" from my forthcoming EP, Floating (Remixes).  Check the premiere here, and you can get an instant download of the track when you pre-order the EP on my Bandcamp page.

Floating (Remixes) also features remixes from NEWBODY and Borussia, and will be available everywhere on Friday, August 18th.

WEEKLY WRAP UP: August 7-13 by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Normally I like to use this space on Sunday nights to recap the previous week's events... This week was a great for me personally. I got to perform at Top of the Standard with my original crew of musicians, Kenji Tokunaga, Andre Chez Lewis and Charles Norris III in front of a crowd of good friends and fans, plus my mother. That was a real joy, and I thank all those who came and all the folks that helped make it happen.

And then the news trickled through on Friday that there was a white power march happening in Charlottesville. And on Saturday the news only got worse. Violence, intimidation and ultimately, 3 deaths and a number of injuries at the hands of a bunch of sad, angry men and a maniac 20-year-old. I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking. I'm still thinking about how to deal with these things, to be honest, or maybe more accurately what to do about it. I do know this. Race, religion, nationality, these are all artificial barriers we've put up to separate ourselves from each other, and they have so often been the fuel for terrible acts of hatred and violence. We are all one, we are all the same, and it's WAAAAAAY past time we start acting that way.

This is pretty much exactly what my last song "Floating" is about. A wish and a hope to get hateful people to evolve and see that the things they think they hate about a person or a group of people are just imaginary barriers. Ultimately, I hope there's a way to educate and change people's minds, but in the meantime, we also have to figure out ways to work around these dudes and make sure that everybody is safe, and treated fairly, and given opportunity.

A couple of quotes that have given me solace/food for thought:

"America’s struggle is to become not post-racial, but post-racist. Put differently, we should seek not a world where the black race and the white race live in harmony, but a world in which the terms black and white have no real political meaning. The Obama-era qualifier is also inherently flawed, because it assumes that the long struggle that commenced when the first enslaved African arrived on American soil centuries ago could somehow be resolved in an instant, by the mere presence of a man who is not a king. These two flaws, taken together, expose a kind of fear, not of having a “conversation about race” but of asking the right questions about racism."

Ta-Nehisi Coates, "There Is No Post-Racial America" (https://www.theatlantic.com/…/post-racial-society-d…/395255/)

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

― Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

WEEKLY WRAP UP: July 31-August 6 by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week I spent most of my time prepping for my show this Thursday at Top of the Standard. RSVP to annieo@standardhotels.com

I did a little interview with them where I talked about my new single, things I've learned in my years in music and what I've been listening to lately: http://standardhotels.com/cult…/standard-sounds-mattie-safer

On that note, if you want to hear what I've been listening to lately check out my Spotify station Headtrip Radio: http://found.ee/headtripradio

Besides all that just been trying to get out, enjoy the summer and see as much music as I can, as well as working on some new music (a couple new tracks of my own plus a possible collab with Proper Villains?) Enjoy your week and live your best life... ✌🏼

UPCOMING SHOW: August 10 at Top Of The Standard by Matt Safer


August 10th I will be performing again in New York City at Top Of The Standard (442 West 13th St).  It is a BEAUTIFUL venue, and I feel very privileged to be able to play there.  Best of all, it's free with an RSVP.  Beautiful venue, free tickets, me... how can you NOT want to come?  

To come to the show simply RSVP to annieo@standardhotels.com and say how many guests are coming.  Look forward to seeing you there!

WEEKLY WRAP UP: July 24-30 by Matt Safer

 Photo by Shayan Asgharnia

Photo by Shayan Asgharnia


This week I released a brand new single, "Floating." You can stream or purchase it on the music service of your choice.http://fanlink.to/floating

BlackBook Media gave it a wonderful premiere, saying "his stirring new single... has us genuinely excited for what’s to come. It crosses classic 70s soul with cool, Scissor Sisters style contemporary disco fab... punched up by a surfeit of irresistible hooks." http:/found.ee/floatingbbook

Besides that several folks reached out to me on here and IRL to say good things about the new track, so that's always a good feeling. If you're enjoying the new music would you share it on your timeline?

I confirmed a show for August 10th in NY at The Standard, High Line, you can get more details and RSVP here: http://www.standardhotels.com/…/standard-sounds-mattie-safer

I also worked on new collaborations with James Curd and Brahm (and dreamed up a couple more), so there will be some new music coming soon.

Thanks to all the fans, friends and followers that got my back. I love you all dearly...

NEW MUSIC: "Floating" Out Now On Spotify, Apple Music, Wherever You Want It To Be by Matt Safer


My new single, "Floating" is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and wherever else you listen to music.  I made it last winter with Filip Nikolic (Turbotito/Poolside).  Lyrically, the song contemplates an escape to the cosmos, where we can transcend our arguments and differences to find a common humanity.

It's my first original release in over a year.  Very excited, more to come, let me know what you think!

PREMIERE: "Floating" Premieres on BlackBook by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christelle De Castro

Photo by Christelle De Castro


My brand new single "Floating" just premiered on the wonderful BlackBook.  You can check it here.  They had this to say:

"[His] stirring new single ...has us genuinely excited for what’s to come. It crosses classic 70s soul with cool, Scissor Sisters style contemporary disco fab (And actually calls to mind the Ace classic “How Long (Has This Been Going On)”) – with a surfeit of irresistible hooks."

"Floating" is now available as a pre-order on Bandcamp and will be available across all platforms starting tomorrow (Friday July 28th).  

WEEKLY WRAP UP: July 17-23 by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Last week I had two performances, one at SOB's for Sol Village and one for Sofar Sounds n the Garment District. Thank you to everyone who came out, to stay up date on my latest shows and releases please sign up for my mailing list

Also, there's more live photos up on my Patreon page, become a patron to get early access:

I also debuted the artwork for my upcoming single "Floating" (out Friday July 28), you can pre-order it now on Bandcamp

I also worked on a new collaboration with James Curd and started figuring out some things on a track I did with Sammy Bananas.

Big thanks and love to all of you who listen, support, collaborate or otherwise keep the wheels turning on this ride. Xx


NEW MUSIC: "Floating" Available for Pre-Order on Bandcamp by Matt Safer


I have new music coming!  A brand new single "Floating" is out this Friday, July 28th.  The song was recorded with Filip Nikolic (aka Turbotito), who is the singer and producer for the band Poolside.  You can now pre-order it on Bandcamp.

"Floating" is a great track for the summer, a neo-disco piece of Paradise soul that will surely make an appearance on many a dancefloor and many a backyard BBQ this summer.  Lyrically, the song reflects on the discord and cultural clashes of the modern world, imagining an escape into the cosmos: “10,000 light years away, maybe we find us a place/Where all the bullshit around can disappear without trace/Without the weight of the world we’ll find a loving embrace/Live a beautiful life floating in outer space.”

Order it today to make sure you don't miss out. 

WEEKLY WRAP UP: July 10-16 by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week I announced a new show at SOB's--I'm performing at Sol Village this coming Wednesday, July 19th. You can get discount tickets if you go to this link and use the code 'MATTIESAFER'

I also got into the studio and worked out some new joints for the talented Blende and James Curd, watch this space.

This coming week I'll be putting up a pre-order of my next single, "Floating" on my Bandcamp page, but my Patreon family already got it on Tuesday. You can too: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-music-12872685

I say all of these things not to brag about my accomplishments or self-aggrandize, but to remind myself that I am blessed to have such wonderful opportunities to express myself and such wonderful people to collaborate and share with. I'm thankful for everything, and I look forward to another great week of music!

UPCOMING SHOW: July 19th at Sol Village in NYC by Matt Safer


Happy to announce that I'll be back on stage in NYC this month!  Next Wednesday, July 19 I will be appearing at the legendary Sol Village at SOB's (204 Varick St).  You can get $5 off advance tickets using the code 'MATTIESAFER'.  Please come out and support!  It's been a long time since I've hit the stage, and I'm glad to be part of a showcase that has hosted legends like Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq and Emily King.  GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY.

There will be other opportunities to see me this summer, but this one means a lot.  Please come out!

WEEKLY WRAP UP: July 3-9 by Matt Safer

 Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week I posted a new live version of "All We Are" funded by my Patreon page, you can watch it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/9578038

I also recorded a new vocal for a future collaboration with Blende, and got to work writing on another one for James Curd. It's not easy being a DIY artist and sometimes taking care of all the business pulls me away from doing the thing I love the most, making the music. But I'm starting to find more time to create, and that makes me happy.

I'm going to be releasing a brand new single in a few weeks, as well as playing a couple of shows in the NYC are. Very excited about all of that. A great way to make sure you don't miss out on new releases or shows is to sign up for my mailing list.

Thanks for another week of great music!

NEW VIDEO: "All We Are" Live at Jackie's by Matt Safer


As many of you know, I've create a Patreon account where fans can make small, on-going pledges that help cover the costs behind creating new music & videos.  One of the perks is that supporters get early and exclusive access to new music and videos like the one above.  I shot this in my friend Jackie's living room a little earlier this year.  They've had access to it for over a month, but now I'm putting it up for the rest of my fans.

There are many different ways that you can show me love and support as an artist.  The most important is just to reach out and start a conversation, let me know you're out there!  But if you're able to, consider becoming a patron on Patreon.  You can do it for as little as $1 per month and it really does help make ends meet.  Depending on what level of support you pledge there are different rewards, but the biggest reward is knowing that you are directly helping support and sustain something you love.

Enjoy the video!

NEW MUSIC: "All We Are (Remixes)" Out Now! by Matt Safer


Very happy to say that my brand new release, All We Are (Remixes) is out today.  You can listen on Spotify, or whatever other music service you might prefer.  This record comes together through the friendship and generosity of four kings, Dave Nada, Thando1988 and BL'EVE Brown. & John Hamilton.  They are all pretty dope, you should check out their other music.  The artwork was also remixed by the homey Wei Jerry Chen, be sure to check out more of his illustrations.

Please listen and let me know what you think!  If you would like to purchase the mixes for your DJing/Home-listening purposes, you can also visit my store, where I will directly receive the funds (and you will directly receive my gratitude).