WEEKLY WRAP UP: July 10-16 by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week I announced a new show at SOB's--I'm performing at Sol Village this coming Wednesday, July 19th. You can get discount tickets if you go to this link and use the code 'MATTIESAFER'

I also got into the studio and worked out some new joints for the talented Blende and James Curd, watch this space.

This coming week I'll be putting up a pre-order of my next single, "Floating" on my Bandcamp page, but my Patreon family already got it on Tuesday. You can too: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-music-12872685

I say all of these things not to brag about my accomplishments or self-aggrandize, but to remind myself that I am blessed to have such wonderful opportunities to express myself and such wonderful people to collaborate and share with. I'm thankful for everything, and I look forward to another great week of music!

UPCOMING SHOW: July 19th at Sol Village in NYC by Matt Safer


Happy to announce that I'll be back on stage in NYC this month!  Next Wednesday, July 19 I will be appearing at the legendary Sol Village at SOB's (204 Varick St).  You can get $5 off advance tickets using the code 'MATTIESAFER'.  Please come out and support!  It's been a long time since I've hit the stage, and I'm glad to be part of a showcase that has hosted legends like Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq and Emily King.  GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY.

There will be other opportunities to see me this summer, but this one means a lot.  Please come out!

Weekly Wrap Up: July 3-9 by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week I posted a new live version of "All We Are" funded by my Patreon page, you can watch it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/9578038

I also recorded a new vocal for a future collaboration with Blende, and got to work writing on another one for James Curd. It's not easy being a DIY artist and sometimes taking care of all the business pulls me away from doing the thing I love the most, making the music. But I'm starting to find more time to create, and that makes me happy.

I'm going to be releasing a brand new single in a few weeks, as well as playing a couple of shows in the NYC are. Very excited about all of that. A great way to make sure you don't miss out on new releases or shows is to sign up for my mailing list.

Thanks for another week of great music!

NEW VIDEO: "All We Are" Live at Jackie's by Matt Safer


As many of you know, I've create a Patreon account where fans can make small, on-going pledges that help cover the costs behind creating new music & videos.  One of the perks is that supporters get early and exclusive access to new music and videos like the one above.  I shot this in my friend Jackie's living room a little earlier this year.  They've had access to it for over a month, but now I'm putting it up for the rest of my fans.

There are many different ways that you can show me love and support as an artist.  The most important is just to reach out and start a conversation, let me know you're out there!  But if you're able to, consider becoming a patron on Patreon.  You can do it for as little as $1 per month and it really does help make ends meet.  Depending on what level of support you pledge there are different rewards, but the biggest reward is knowing that you are directly helping support and sustain something you love.

Enjoy the video!

NEW RELEASE: "All We Are (Remixes)" Out Now! by Matt Safer


Very happy to say that my brand new release, All We Are (Remixes) is out today.  You can listen on Spotify, or whatever other music service you might prefer.  This record comes together through the friendship and generosity of four kings, Dave Nada, Thando1988 and BL'EVE Brown. & John Hamilton.  They are all pretty dope, you should check out their other music.  The artwork was also remixed by the homey Wei Jerry Chen, be sure to check out more of his illustrations.

Please listen and let me know what you think!  If you would like to purchase the mixes for your DJing/Home-listening purposes, you can also visit my store, where I will directly receive the funds (and you will directly receive my gratitude).

Weekly Wrap Up: June 26-July 2 by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Last week I released a new record, "All We Are (Remixes)" featuring reworks of songs from my debut EP from Dave NadaThando1988 and Bleve Brown & John Hamilton Hodgson. You can listen on the music service of your choice, or purchase directly. The Dave Nada mix premiered on Discobelle who called it "a sultry lovers jam for those that feel like slow dancing their summer away."

I also picked up the bass again, performing with Chris Stylez on Thursday at Mercury Lounge here in NYC. It's always nice when I get an opportunity to rock the 4 strings, hopefully more gigs will come along.

Poolside has been in town performing, it's been nice being able to hang with them again. I have a new single coming at the end of the month which I made with Filip from Poolside (aka Turbotito), more details on that in the weeks to come.

We're in the middle of a long holiday weekend here in America, happy 4th to all of y'all! To all my international fans, I hope the work week is a good and fruitful one...

NEW VIDEO: "Until The Day That I Die" (Patreon Preview) by Matt Safer

This is a preview of a new performance video that just went live on my Patreon this week.  I started my Patreon page so that I could create a more reliable stream of income to help fund new music and videos.  In exchange for making small, sustaining pledges my patrons get early access to all my new music & videos, as well as other exclusive content.  Videos like this are something I've always wanted to do anyway, but didn't have any way to pay for.  Now I do.

Become a patron today and get access to the full performance and more.  You'll be helping me create more of the things that you like.  It's a winner for everyone!  Visit patreon.com/mattiesafer for more details...

Weekly Wrap Up: June 19-25 by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week my new record, "All We Are (Remixes)" went up for pre-order on my Bandcamp, including an instant gratification download of Thando1988's dope house re-work. You can listen and order at bandcamp.com/mattiesafer

The full release will be out June 30 across all platforms and features additional remixes fromDave Nada and Bl'eve Brown & John Hamilton Hodgson

I also did a bass session for Munk and mixed down the track for my next Patreon patron-only video (to become a patron and access exclusive content visit patreon.com/mattiesafer

Finally, I just want to give a shout out to Hess Is More.  I saw them play twice this past week at Nublu and both times it showcased the beauty and electricity of live musicians on stage enjoying what they're doing. I've just recently booked three shows of my own for July and August and I can't wait to get back up there myself...

Headtrip Radio on Spotify by Matt Safer

Check it out, I've started my own radio station on Spotify:



It's a collection of all the music that I've been listening to lately, some all-time favorites, plus some of my own music mixed in.  Music is kind of my life so it's a great way to get to know me.  I'll be updating it with new music a couple times a week.  You can follow it if you just click this link and click the "follow" button.  Give me a follow please, it'll be a lot more fun with you than without you, and I've got a lot of good music to share.

NEW MUSIC: All We Are (Remixes) by Matt Safer

"All We Are (Remixes)": Cover design by Wei Jerry Chen

"All We Are (Remixes)": Cover design by Wei Jerry Chen

Very excited to announce a new release today  All We Are (Remixes) is coming out next Friday, June 30th on my label Dream City Sounds.  It features remixes from Dave Nada, Thando1988 and BL'EVE Brown & John Hamilton.  We are sharing a little taste of it today with the Thando1988 remix below.  When you pre-order the EP on Bandcamp you get this track as an instant gratification download.

It's always cool to hear the ways that other producers hear and imagine your music.  This release has been a long time coming.  I hope you enjoy.

Weekly Wrap Up: June 12-18 by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week was HUGE! I released my new music video for "All We Are" and it already has several thousand views. If you haven't seen it yet watch it here: http://found.ee/AWAvideo

I also sent out promos for my next release, an All We Are remix EP, which will be coming out at the end of June (more on that to follow). Early returns are very positive, I'm excited about this one...

I had more sessions with Spree Wilson and Douglas Schadt, one of the great pleasures of being back in New York is finding such awesome collaborators. Very happy about all the new music that is getting done and again, can't wait to share it.

As always, I want to give a special shout out my Patreon family who help me keep producing the music. You can join them in supporting the music and get early access to new music, exclusive videos and hangouts, visit http://mspatreon.

Happy Father's Day to all you American dads out there. Thanks for another great week of music, looking forward to an even better week to come.

"All We Are" Official Music Video by Matt Safer

The official music video for "All We Are," the title track from Mattie's debut EP.  Directed by Jeremy S. Collins, this video was shot in the aftermath of a blizzard last January in New Hampshire.  The video brings a daydream to life as Mattie and his "fling" exchange glances and enter an alternative universe where their romance can bloom.

Made possible through the generous support of the following Patreon patrons: E-Jay Randolph, Nancy Safer, Clarice Nakata Hall, Jillian Torgan, Lorenzo Gutierrez, Jeffrey Paradise, Callum Brown, Rogelio S Nicanor

To become a patron and help support future musical endeavors visit patreon.com/mattiesafer

Weekly Wrap Up: June 5-11 by Matt Safer

Photo by Christelle de Castro

Photo by Christelle de Castro

This past week I had another session with Spree Wilson and started work on another one with Blende. I also shared a live video shot by Sofar Sounds of me performing "All We Are" live in Los Angeles last fall, you can watch it at http://found.ee/awasofar

This week coming I'll be giving an early share of my upcoming remix release to my Patreon family, if you'd like to get early access to my music and videos become a supporter: patreon.com/mattiesafer

I also got out into the city and heard some great music from DenitiaTangina StonePrincess NokiaThe Drums and two members of my band, Andre Chez Lewis and Kenji Tokunaga. New York in the summertime is such a great place for music and I'm happy to be here to be able to take advantage.

Keep an eye out, I just might drop the official video for "All We Are" this week. 🤗

Weekly Update: May 29-June 4 by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katisaouni

Photo by Christos Katisaouni

This week I had a session with Spree Wilson and finished up recording for an upcoming collaboration with PBR Streetgang. I shot another Patreon exclusive video with Jace and picked up 4 new patrons... To find out what it's all about visit patreon.com/mattiesafer.

I also put my next release on my label in to the distributor, and it will be coming out later this month... (Details to follow soon...)

The end of the week saw an impromptu jam session with Prince Terrence and Spree Wilson on Thursday, followed by a last minute show on Friday evening at Lazy Susan Gallery curated by Osvaldo Jimenez.

A baller week of music! Thanks to all involved! Looking forward to another week of greatness!

P.S. Almost forgot, we got a piano in the crib, so I got thanks to give...

Weekly Wrap Up: May 22-28 by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni


This week was the anniversary of releasing "All We Are" and to mark the occasion I posted a new live video of "Sea Change" (http://found.ee/seachange), I wrote an article for Medium (http://found.ee/MSMedium) and I reposted a free download bonus version of the EP on NoiseTrade (http://found.ee/AWAnt).

I also had great sessions with Spree Wilson and Roarke, and continued working on this new joint for PBR Streetgang which is straight 🔥

Lastly, I got another new supporter on my Patreon page, Sterling Trey Roig. You can pledge to support the music for less than $1 a month. It helps me keep making new music and it's good for the soul.http://patreon.com/mattiesafer

Thank you for another week of musical creation. Looking forward to another week of musical adventure.


BLOG: When Everything Feels Like It’s About To Go Wrong, You Just Might Be Right by Matt Safer

 I published an article on Medium today, talking about the importance of listening to your gut feelings when facing important moments in your life. You can read it below or on the Medium site.

Mattie Safer present day In Brooklyn. Photo by Christos Katsiaouni.

Mattie Safer present day In Brooklyn. Photo by Christos Katsiaouni.

One year ago today I was in Los Angeles, bunkered up in the guest bedroom of my apartment, hunched over my computer maniacally redesigning my website, trying to finish ahead of the release date of my debut EP All We AreI was panicked and stressed, ignoring my loved ones, and unsuccessfully fighting off the feeling that everything was about to go wrong. In short, I was a mess.

I’ve come a long way in the past year. I discussed a lot of that in a previous article on Huffington Post, “What To Do When Your Life Get’s Flipped Turned Upside Down.” But there’s more to say. In that moment I was feeling let down and betrayed by the label that had dropped me, and I’d lost faith in my advisors’ ability to guide the next phase of my career. We had decided to release the record independently, and I didn’t like the way the rollout was going. But I was biting my tongue and rolling with it out of a backward sense of obligation — A feeling that I owed my team the chance to see the release through, because they had stood by me through all my BS with my label. But in truth, I didn’t trust them anymore, so I was second guessing them at every turn, and being a huge pain in the ass. Every fiber in my body was telling me that this was going to fail and that I needed to hit pause, reassess the situation and reboot the record launch. But I ignored that feeling and kept things rolling, convincing myself that if I just worked hard enough everything would turn out fine.

So there I was, working 20 hours a day obsessing over unimportant shit, thinking I could overpower a bad situation through hard work and force of will. But I wasn’t being real. You can lie to yourself about a problem, ignore it, try to work around it, whatever you want. But it won’t work. You’ve got to trust your feelings and you can’t be afraid to act on them and change up whatever it is that’s bugging you until it feels right.

I know because I’ve ignored my instincts before. Like the time I got married. Leading up to the wedding I knew deep down that we weren’t ready. And this wasn’t cold feet stuff, it was bigger. There were fundamental flaws in our relationship that we were just leaving unresolved — we would have a big fight and then sweep it under the rug. So I wasn’t feeling great about the wedding, and neither was my fianceé (now ex-wife). She was having mini-breakdowns about all the decisions that needed to be made around the wedding, and in those moments expressing deep uncertainty about our future together. And her uncertainty only fed my internal uncertainty. She would say things like “maybe we should just cancel the wedding,” or suggest we push it back, but instead of saying what I felt (“yes, you are right”), I felt like I had to be strong. So I would just reassure her and tell her it would be fine, even though it was clearly going to be anything but.


Picture of the author the night before his wedding. Illustration by K.C. Green.

Picture of the author the night before his wedding. Illustration by K.C. Green.

The day before the wedding, our friend who was supposed to perform the ceremony got called to sing at a family funeral in south Jersey and told me that it was going to be a struggle for him to make it back in time, and that we should probably figure out an alternative. But I brushed it aside and told him that I wasn’t going to worry about it, if I just put my faith in the idea that he would make it on time, then he would make it. Didn’t even tell my fiancée about it, because I was afraid she would call the whole thing off. Everything about the situation was saying “hit pause and reconsider.” But I shut my eyes to the signs and kept pushing forward. I had to prove them wrong. The next day, as he anticipated, our friend wasn’t able to make it, and deeply embarrassed and shamed I had to break the news to my ex. We didn’t get married that day.

But you know what, it actually was fine. We decided that with our friends and family all there, we would just have a party and enjoy the day. So we did that and then we went to City Hall the next day and had a ceremony there. Yes, things didn’t work out between us, and it was for all the same reasons that we thought it wouldn’t work out. But it wasn’t because of the wedding, and I don’t regret getting married. Because even if it was the wrong decision, sometimes you’ve got to make wrong decisions to learn how to do right.

Back to the beginning — what happened with the record release? As I feared, it didn’t live up to my hopes and dreams. The record came out, but The Pitchforks and Faders of the world didn’t mention it. The KCRWs of the world didn’t play it. It didn’t make it into a single playlist on Spotify. And I was kicking myself for a long time over how it all went down, filled with regret. But now I’m ok with this. Because sometimes you’ve got to make mistakes so you can do better the next time around. I needed to go through this to re-learn the lesson: TRUST YOUR FEELINGS, MATTIE. Don’t ignore them, don’t dismiss them, don’t argue with them, don’t reason around them. If something doesn’t feel right, stop, figure out why, and fix whatever it is you need to fix until it feels right.

You can only lie to yourself for so long. In the end, you’ve got to be real.


Weekly Wrap Up by Matt Safer


This week I had writing sessions with Roarke and with Douglas Schadt, I heard the early mixdown of my forthcoming summer single (more on that later, and I released an early preview of my brand new music video on my Patreon page (if you wanna see it go to http://patreon.com/mattiesafer and make a pledge).

I also got to see one of my fave groups from my early teens, Digable Planets perform so many classic hits at House of Vans. It was a great week of music, can't wait for the next one to start!

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This Week in Mattie News by Matt Safer

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

Photo by Christos Katsiaouni

This week in Mattie's world... 

I published an article in the HuffPosthttp://found.ee/mshuffpo

Sofar Sounds put up a live video from my performance for Sofar Sounds: Los Angeles last fall, "Whenever You're Ready" (featuring Nicholas Semrad and Joseph Otis):http://found.ee/wyrsofarla 

And I put my forthcoming "All We Are" music video up on my Patreon so my patrons could get a peek before the premiere (coming very soon). Patrons help fund new work and in return get early access to new things, why not become a patron?http://found.ee/mspatreon

Looking forward to another great week of music and excitement. Happy Mother's Day to all you American moms out there!